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cable tv subscriptions nigeria
cable tv subscriptions nigeria

We have made it less stressful for you to renew your cable TV subscriptions in Nigeria, which means with a few clicks on our apps we are sure that you will able to renew your subscriptions from the comfort of your home or office. Much more you will have huge discounts to all of your renewals of DSTV, GOTV and Startimes Subscriptions

It is our delight to make available this solution for millions of Nigerians that uses dstv or the other popular cable stations like startimes and Gotv. We know how difficult it may be trying to pay for your subscriptions and renewals for your Cable Tv, have to walk miles to reach the next vendor or or even worse have to get to DSTV office or the closest startime office in order to renew. You don’t have to go through all that hurdles, with our solution you will henceforth be able to pay for your dstv online without leaving your home or office.

Our unique multi-functional cable TV subscription allows anyone to pay for Gotv online from any location in Nigeria in as much you can connect to the internet on your mobile or laptop device, more than just renew your cable TV plans you can as well do a couple of other things on our platform, for example you can buy airtime, buy data and lots more.
Dstv and Gotv.

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