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shortcode provider in nigeria

These services are provided by the major telecommunications operator in Nigeria with the involvement of Content Providers. You must have seen the advertisement of these services on TV or heard on the radio: you are offered to download tunes and games, to use information and reference services, to take part in quizzes and much more. 

It is easy to order partner services – you need to send an SMS or call a short number, or send a WEB or another request. Some services are provided by “ subscription ” with regular daily billing.The operator is responsible for the quality execution of the subscriber’s request, carried out up to the point of connection to the Content Provider’s information resources, and is not responsible for the content of the Content Provider service.

Content providers are independent legal entities attracted by the Operator to provide services to us at Bulk SMS Nigeria for the provision of various background, entertainment and other information, participation in voting, games, contests and other similar events.

For subscriber access to information resources of content providers through our network, special service (shortcodes numbers usually, from four to six digits) are allocated.

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