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We’ll reiterate that communication between parties is vital in every sphere of life in today’s world. This is regardless of the number of parties involved.

Therefore, one must choose the services which are offered by one of the genuine and most reliable short code service providers in Nigeria.

It is no more news that there has been a very sharp increase in the number of mobile phone users in Nigeria.

In light of this development, we have established ourselves as one of the best USSD gateway providers in Nigeria, and we want to offer you the platform that will enable you to utilize the usage of mobile phones for the growth of your various businesses and promotions.

The growth is phenomenal and this has resulted in the emergence of SMS (Short Messaging Service) as one of the optimal and effective methods of communication.

We aim to make sure that consumers benefit immensely from what SMS offers in relation to business growth and we’ve entered the fray as one of the best Shortcode in Nigeria Providers

The good news is that we are determined to be the best among the rest not just in delivery the cheapest bulk sms in Nigeria but also in SMS shortcode service delivery

Research also shows that there has been an increase in the number of companies and organizations in Nigeria that have utilized SMS as a tool for marketing and reaching out to their customers on the numerous products and services they reel out from time to time.

You should endeavor to be among them because it is required that every business evolves in line with recent technological advancements in recent times.

SMS messaging for business growth comprises many aspects and the concept of SMS shortcodes is one that has promoted businesses, events and like activities. There is a misconception of what it entails with regards to pocket-friendliness.

Therefore, SMS short code cost shouldn’t be a cause for concern as we’ve taken center stage as best shortcode providers in Nigeria to ensure that consumers benefit immensely from the service and derive utility in the process.

Consumers must understand what an SMS shortcode is before they can understand its usage and benefits. An SMS shortcode is a 5-6 digit phone number that is used by businesses and offered to customers to make them choose to participate in their SMS programs.

It is subsequently used to text message coupons, promotions, offers, etc. to the customers who opted in.

SMS shortcode services in Nigeria can also be referred to as USSD services in Nigeria, and we at 85kobo offer the best packages in terms of USSD aggregators in Nigeria.

The interaction between consumers and the shortcode is such that they compose a new message on their mobile device and then address it to the stipulated shortcode.

For instance, an SMS shortcode which can be offered by one of the reliable short code service providers in Nigeria to a customer is 55677.

Are you in search of how to get a USSD code in Nigeria to boost your business campaign? Search no more, as 85kobo offers you the best packages that are available in the market.

We’ve carved a niche as the industry leader of bulk sms in Nigeria and this is the sole reason we are also regarded as one of the most reliable short code service providers in Nigeria. Take advantage of what we offer, as our numerous clients from all over the country have experienced the genius of 85kobo’s USSD API in Nigeria

Our expertise is behind the successes of major telecom and banking shortcode promotions in Nigeria. We’ve worked with both high profile governmental and non-governmental organizations and they all have good and exciting stories to tell with regards to service delivery and customer satisfaction.

We’ve worked with a good number of the reputable banks in Nigeria to promote customer interaction with their services through our shortcode services. If the big brands have worked with us and derived utility, then why wait?

We’ll advise you to leverage our available reliable USSD services in Nigeria and see those businesses thrive immensely regardless of the current economic state of the country.

With our reputation as a reliable short SMS code provider, we’ve helped businesses grow. Our SMS shortcodes service ensures that companies and individuals have the opportunity to generate more revenue through the interactive SMS and payment services we help them offer to their mobile subscribers.

If you were ever at a loss about the significance of a shortcode campaign on your business, then you must understand that our USSD services in Nigeria can be offered in instances like, SMS voting, text to win promotions, information services, SMS quiz, and Cable Tv Subscription Promos

We offer both dedicated shortcode and shared shortcode services. The dedicated shortcode is suitable for a single company and enables them to run multiple campaigns and services.

This package is for the most elite of industries. This is one of the benefits of patronizing 85kobo as we are one of the best shortcode providers in Nigeria

On the other hand, if SMS short code cost will pose a challenge, you can opt for the shared shortcode. This package enables two or more companies to share the same shortcode, although they will have different keywords. This is why we have the best USSD services in Nigeria.

This the best chance you’d ever have to work with a genuine, professional, and reliable short SMS code provider in Nigeria. Grab the chance and derive the best results from your promotions, visit our home page

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