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Other countries see Nigeria as a country where basic life amenities are not available to the citizens including settling their electricity bills. This is linked to the basic reason why the country still don’t have a robust power architecture to supply power across the country.

Whatever the case, if you are on the search for a platform where you can from the comfort of your house pay your electricity bill then you are in good hands.

It cannot be overemphasised that Nigerians are still yet to have unrestricted access to constant electricity supply, much more it can be somehow difficult to make payment for your electricity. You are not alone in this, we are able to identify this problem and therefore make available a robust platform that provides answer to PHED prepaid payments online. The days you need to stand on que or go the next street to pay for your electricity bills are long gone.

PHCN is the major DISCO supplier of electricity in Nigeria, and for them to be able to meet with delivering power to their clients they demand that customers make pay for their consumed electricity as at when due in order to keep up with supplying steady electricity.

In that case,  we at bulk SMS Nigeria has made it actually possible to just get online and in few clicks pay your electricity bills online without any hassle whatsoever.


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