Leverage the Prowess of an Active GSM Database for your Mobile Marketing

Leverage the Prowess of an Active GSM Database for your Mobile Marketing

Did you need a mobile phone database? Of course, we are in a hurry to offer you an extensive database of telephone numbers in which each number is valid and most closely matches its characteristics. We offer you to buy a database of mobile phone numbers throughout Nigeria.

Want to buy GSM database of Nigerians phone numbers classified by Gender, First Name, Last Name, State, LGA ?- you’re welcome! We offer the most complete list of necessary contacts at competitive prices. Bulk SMS-mailing and “cold” calls are effective tools to promote goods, works, services. They bring results in the case if directed to the target audience. Trust the collection (update) of client databases to professionals. In our work we are guided by the principles of efficiency, efficiency and quality of information transmitted to the customer.

The latest database of mobile numbers at affordable prices. Buying our databases is a profitable investment in business development!
Our base of mobile phone numbers are thematically and geographically structured, which allows you to select a specific target audience.
SMS-sending for business is in demand in modern conditions of market development, when ordinary advertising loses its effectiveness.


Reliable data
Always reliable data with a minimum percentage of error!

Bases we collect from open sources and we update every day!

Base numbers are divided by subject and geographically!

All databases contain names that will facilitate the possibility of calling!

Our databases are absolutely legal and collected from open sources: ad sites, social networks and other sources. You can work with the information provided legally, without fear of complaints from subscribers. Own base of phone numbers allows you to:

1. be in direct communication with customers;
2 conduct multi-mass and single mailing;
3. plan time and resource schedule for SMS alerts and cold calls;
4. have on hand key indicators of the target audience.
5. With the base of mobile numbers you keep the same and gain new customers. Buyers will appreciate timely information about discounts, new items or holiday promotions.

The base of telephone numbers is intended for call-centers and advertising agencies that carry out mass telephone communication with consumers. Mobile marketing is also used in small and medium businesses to advertise own-produced goods. Bases of cellular numbers are demanded by banks in the promotion of credit products, taxi services, companies providing household services to the population.

To obtain the maximum result from advertising and information activities, a database of phone numbers meets the following requirements:

Targeting: the numbers are grouped according to the key features for the customer: geographical, demographic, behavioral.
Relevance and completeness of information. Contact error is not more than 10% of the total number of entries in the base of cellular numbers.

If you find a higher percentage of errors, we update the information free of charge and on an extraordinary basis.
The database of phone numbers contains the names of the owners, which facilitates communication in the process of a “cold” call and improves the subscriber’s perception of information.

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