How to send bulk sms from pc to mobile

How to send bulk sms from pc to mobile

Do you want to learn how to send customized Bulk SMS? Have you read a few articles, and eBooks, yet you were not to able to learn the tactics? Then, don’t worry, I will show you the way.

I am going to give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to send bulk SMS. I will teach you for free. This article is written in simple and readable English. So, you will understand it.

There are many paid seminars that teach people how they can earn a decent living by sending bulk SMS. We are not going to ask you to make any payment. All we need is your time to read this post. We value the time you are spending to go through this.  We know that if we can teach you how to send bulk SMS, you will understand it.

Time shall come in your life when you will have to send a bulk SMS to a section of people; it could be sending a seasonal SMS to your family members, the circle of friends, colleagues or loved ones.

It could also be sending business text messages to your business partners or clients or sending faith-based text messages to your prayer partners or church members or political text messages to your constituents or disciples.

The mere fact of trying to send the same messages to over 2000 people might be what has prompted you to look for a more easy way of doing so. That might be what is prompting you to go for bulk SMS.

We are telling you that bulk SMS is possible, and those messages can be sent at the same time. It is just a simple click away. The messages will reach the recipients within the shortest possible time.

To send the bulk SMS, you will need to do the following:

  • Ensure you store the whole contacts or phone numbers on your computer or flash
  • You can store the contacts as a file, and ensure you separate each number with a comma, not a full stop, please.
  • The text messages can be stored in a file in your computer or an external memory volume. You can also memorize them on your head, and type them when you are ready to send the messages.
  • Ensure the messages are short, simple, and direct to the point because multiple messages might delay the delivery; some mobile phones might be filled to the brim so if you attempt to send the text messages to such phone numbers, they may not get the full messages.
  • Look for a reliable bulk SMS provider- if you go to the internet, you will see a wide range of SMS providers. Try to choose the one that is reliable and effective- you will know the good ones from the available customer reviews, and feedbacks.
  • Choose the one that is cost-effective. Yes, some sites charge lesser than others. We do not forget that there are some sites that are expensive yet they can’t offer excellent services. So, choose the one that has reasonable pricing and great services too.


Once you have gotten all these things ready. Then, you can start to send the text messages. Use the steps that are described below:

Registering with a Reliable Provider

After choosing the bulk SMS provider you would be using, the next thing would be to register with them. Simply click on their register button, and supply the information they need.

It could be creating a username, a password, an email address, and a phone number. The username and password will help you to access the website any day at any time.

Activate your account details

The easiest and fastest way of activating your account details is through your email. This is done shortly after registration. When you are done with registration, you will get an email in your mailbox telling you to activate your account.

Keep in mind that your account is inactive or will never work effectively until you have activated the account. Activation of account is not a serious issue. All you need to do might be to click on a particular link they will send to you via mail.

This action can be done within a second. So, you can see that it is not a big deal. Your account will be in an active mood with a simple click away.

The bulk SMS provider will give you a long link- that is the link you are going to click on. The link is just a security measure. Some sites will even ask you to provide your contact address and GSM number after clicking on the link.

Fund your SMS account

This comes after submitting all the necessary details like your contact number and address. You will be required to fund your account. You can fund your account with your credit card or you will go to the bank, and make payment to their accounts.

Some sites will require you to use your username as the name of the depositor. Once you are done, they will confirm the payment and fund your account with the amount of money you paid.

While some sites will like you to make the payment, and then send details of the transactions to them together with your teller number. They will simply confirm it and then fund your account afterward.

Another way of funding your account is through the ATM- this is very simple, you can make the payment and get the credit alert instantly. Some sites fund your account instantly, while some will fund it in a couple of hours. So, if this is done, it shows you are now ready to start sending the bulk SMS.

Start sending the Bulk SMS

Go to the send SMS link, click on it, and insert your ‘Sender identity’ this will be the name your recipients will see when they get the message. Please, you must not use the username you put while registering on the site.

For instance, if you are sending a message to your prayer partners in church, you can simply insert the familiar name to all of them. if the name of your church is ‘God’s Praise church’. You can use ‘God’s Praise’ as the sender ID.

So, that whenever any of them receives it, they will know where the message is coming from. This is very good and highly recommended so that if they receive another message from somewhere, they won’t be able to mix it up.

After updating your sender ID, the next thing would be uploading your numbers in the provided field, followed by uploading the text file that contains all the phone numbers or mobile contacts of recipients. Then type the message you want to send to them.

Cross-check the numbers you want to send the messages to, and also proofread the messages, ensure they are written correctly. Then, click the ‘send button’- that’s all.  The message will be sent to the receiver within a twinkle of an eye.

Through this medium, you can send a particular message to thousands of people at the same time. You can see that bulk SMS messaging is simple, easy to send, and possible.

This is exactly what most banks are using to send messages to their customers. Most telecommunication firms are using bulk SMS to send promo messages and alerts to their customers or subscribers.

Final verdict

Sending bulk SMS is possible. You don’t need to download any software to your computer. The message will be delivered to all the available mobile networks both within and outside your country or geographical location.

It is a pity that most people don’t know how to send bulk SMS. We believe that the information provided above has solved the problem.

You can make a lot of money by sending bulk SMS. Yes, people or companies can contact you to be doing it for them, and they will be paying you handsomely.

Remember that bulk SMS will not work effectively if your computer does not have an internet connection.  So, having a computer is not enough yet. You should also have internet connectivity.

Business-minded people should know that since millions of people have access to mobile phones, sending a customized SMS to them will yield much money to your business. Good luck as you take advantage of this unique money-making opportunity. It is the easiest way of making lots of cash.

I also made a video for this tutorial for those still finding it difficult to understand how to get started with Bulk Messaging. The video will guild you from account creation to eventually sending out bulk SMS. The process is very easy, you just need to try it to know how it works. The video is very short. 5mins in total. In 5mins, I opened a new account, verified it, logged into my new account and sent out a message with my free units. You too can get started in less than 5mins. I hope this Training will help you. Cheers




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