How To Become A Bulk SMS Service Provider

How To Become A Bulk SMS Service Provider

You are heartily welcome to the world of silent millionaires. Do you want to earn decent money online? Have you tried other fruitless ways of making money, yet you were unsuccessful?

Are you passionate about making money? Do you have a computer plus access to internet? Then you are a few miles away from making millions online.

I will show you the secret that has helped thousands of unemployed people or under-employed people. Bulk SMS business is a lucrative enterprise; this is something I am into. I have also seen hundreds of people making a decent living from it. Their stories have been wonderful as well.

I am a Nigerian; I am making cool money from this business. It is strictly business for those that are passionate about making stress free and cool thousands of cash. Doing a customized bulk SMS business is an excellent endeavor. You will never regret doing so.

The number of cash you will make depends on the number of clients you get or the number of people willing to do business with you. Bulk SMS business is something that involves sending lots of SMS or text messages on behalf of your organization, business, family, church, company, friends and colleagues- these people or establishments can pay you so that you can reach their members through text messages.

It is automatic; the messages get delivered once you send them. It is simple, hassle-free and highly convenient.

This is a lucrative business because you are the one that will charge organizations any amount you wish. I know some Nigerians who are into this business, and who have been able to be taking care of their bills and who have made awesome savings and ventured into other businesses. Most of these people started this business as low as #5,000 (approximately $25).

Days are gone when institutions and people send circulars or newsletters to parents or customers reminding them of future events. Right now, that mode of communication and information dissemination has decreased drastically.

With the help of SMS, you can send a message to anyone you wish and the information will get to the people instantly on their mobile phones. This is one of the amazing advantages of information technology.

For those who wish to make a decent living with this service, it is important to note that you can’t send this message through your mobile phone; they can only be sent via the internet. Another thing is that if you really want to kick off in this business, try as much as possible to look for an SMS service provider in the market.

If you want to know the list of bulk SMS providers in your country, all you need to do is to do a Yahoo or Google search of all the bulk SMS provider in your country. You will see a list of them and then go through their profiles. Read their terms and conditions.

Check some of the amazing reviews left by previous users if any- all these will enable you to know much about their services. Then check how much they charge their customers. Knowing the amount they charge is very important so that you can know how much you will charge your clients.

Also, some companies have amazing offers to their customers- the more numbers they are sending, the lesser you are going to pay. For example, if their bill per number and one page SMS is #1.50.

Then if you are sending SMS to over 2000 recipients, the price will come down to about #1. This is a good offer because you can bill your recipients #4 per SMS, after sending you will make up to #3 per message. Have you seen why this is a good business? You are making more than you spend. In this case, the more you send, the more you make money.

I am living in Nigeria, the most populous African nation. Let me now talk for those living in Nigeria and who wish to enter this business. Just go to the internet and Google search bulk SMS service providers in Nigeria- check each of them, and make a better one that will suit you.

Take time to go through each of them, and choose the one that provides low rates to their customers. Register with anyone you have chosen. After registration, fund your account with the amount you have or the number of SMS units you wish to buy at the moment. You will see the price tag on each of the sites. Usually, they range between #1-#3 per unit.

After buying it, you can now charge your clients any amount you wish. You may decide to charge them #7 per SMS. When I started this business newly, I was charging a very lesser amount.

My competitors who were already in the business were charging about #7 per SMS. I now came into the business and discovered that if I should go by that rate or higher, my competitors will still take advantage of me. What I did was to start charging between #4 to #5 per SMS.

And there was so much influx of people, still in this amount, sometimes I still offer some my big clients discounts and little bonuses- this motivated a lot of them to direct their friends, church members, colleagues, and family to me- within the next six months, I was already a millionaire.

Can you see how successful this was? I didn’t print fliers, or go for social media promotions or even electronic promotions; instead, my clients were the ones doing the promotions for me. I keep receiving calls from referrals. This was how I started.

After some time I started to increase my price gradually, I started by adding 50 kobo to it, and within a few months, I started charging the same price and even above most of my clients. Guess what? I didn’t lose my client base. If there is any client I lost at all, it was very negligible. All my big clients remained with me till date.

With this lucrative business, you don’t need to be under the direction of a master or boss. When you start this business, you become gainfully employed by yourself.

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