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Every business needs to reach out to a significant number of clients to whom they can sell their products. However, the reach a business might need may differ from that of another business.

Regardless, even the small-scale business owners can aspire for growth, and therefore, both categories can take advantage of the benefits that access to a GSM number database in Nigeria offers.

In recent times, advertising is key for any business or promotion and therefore, the number of people or potential customers one will be able to reach out to and pitch the quality of their products and services to matter.

Therefore, we at 85kobo have come up with this brilliant method that will allow you to reach out to millions of potential customers around Nigeria as we provide you access to their genuine working phone numbers which they have constant access to.

We offer you a host of valid operational Nigerian phone numbers with active users through our authentic GSM database bucket.

We have access to nothing less than 150million active Nigerian phone numbers, and to spice it up, these numbers have been classified according to geographical locations, states, and local government areas gender, etc. You must take advantage of this!

Our access to the Nigerian phone number database will give you the advantage of targeted advertisements to a huge number of folks who’ll be interested in your products and services.

This is irrespective of whether the success of your business is dependent on those around your vicinity or without.

We have carved a niche for ourselves in providing the cheapest bulk sms in Nigeria. You can see your business become boosted, thrive, and become elite in its niche.

This is very possible with the reliable and genuine phone number database platform we offer to business-minded folks who are eager to see their businesses grow beyond expectations.

Just take some minutes and imagine the possibilities that abound when your business alongside the products and services you offered are being advertised to millions of folks around the country. Take for example, you set up a promo whereby your audience needs to send a keyword to your shortcode in other to win prizes.

You need access to active phone numbers in other to broadcast your message for guaranteed response. If you plan to give prices like recharge cards or data bundles, then you are sure of getting an increase in response rate.

Our numerous customers who are majorly prestigious business owners in Nigeria have taken a scoop from our honeypot of reliable GSM number database and have benefited from the dividends. They can attest to this. We achieve same feat with our provision of Bulk sms in Nigeria and you can be rest assured that we are your top choice for this service.

Additionally, the access we offer you to our reliable Nigerian phone number database is very affordable and pocket-friendly when compared to other platforms that can be used for advertisements.

These other platforms are very expensive when put side by side with our GSM number database in Nigeria. Do yourself some significant good and take advantage of our services. Patronize 85kobo’s GSM number database to boost your business.

Our list of phone numbers in Nigeria is regularly updated and we also give you the assurance that every number in the list you opt for is valid, up to date and functional.

Choose 85kobo! We’ve stood the test of time in this business and we’ve helped to build many big businesses with this our service. Visit our homepage to signup today!

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  • DND Delivery
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