Features You Should Look for In A Bulk SMS Platform

Features You Should Look for In A Bulk SMS Platform

Times have fast changed, and we have gradually drifted past the times of letters and fax messages. You can send a text from your country to anyone now, and they will get it in the next five minutes, irrespective of their current locations.

What does this mean?

For me, it stands for better-earning potentials. You can target your digital marketing promotion to thousands of people you have access to their phone numbers, and they get it in almost a twinkling of an eye.

These things, however, look so cool and affordable but can become a hell of a job when you have more than 30 SMS messages to send, and you’re working with both time and budget.

This is when you have to talk about sending bulk SMS messages. How do they work? You simply sign up to the website, fund your account, and send your messages. The bulk SMS website will help you send it to the recipients.

There are so many things you need to consider before choosing a bulk SMS website, and these things determine the quality of the site.

They range from ease of use to the way they handle their privacy issues, and we would be seeing them below.

Ease of use:

A bulk SMS website should be very easy to use, and the customers shouldn’t need to pass through a six months course from NIIT before they’d be able to access the features. To the website owners, make the platform as simple and professional as possible, exclude the unnecessary jargon, and avoid stressing your customers. The sign-up and sign-in processes should be as easy as an average social networking website, and you should make the payment processes as easy as ABC.

Transparent billing:

Some bulk SMS platforms will tell you a different thing only for you to begin the messages, and you see something else. Take, for instance, some platforms will tell you that they charge 1 Naira per unit, and then you come to discover that it takes three units to send a message. That is not fair, and most customers won’t return after such experiences.

Rich features:

While building your bulk SMS platform, make sure you include as many features as are necessary to run the website. Some things like saving contacts, scheduling of messages, and creating groups are essential. When you simplify things for your customers, they will tell your business to their friends and families.

Delivery reports:

You should be able to know whether your messages were delivered or not, so as to know your stand and track conversions. A good bulk SMS platform should be able to include this in their services.

Responsive Support:

Do your bulk SMS agents answer your calls? Do they have an email for contacting them and a live chat function? These things are necessary because there are some cases where your payments will go through, and you won’t be credited.

You just need to contact the support and get it rectified. There are so many things you need to check before patronizing a bulk SMS website, such as their privacy policies and the way they handle people’s data.

Whichever way, also check for their reviews online and make sure that you are dealing with a legit company.

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