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Information has become very vital in everything we do in relation to our various businesses and personal life.

However, not every entity has the luxury of unlimited access to the required information they need to make them thrive.

Regardless, one can set the pace by patronizing us as we have the best data plans in Nigeria on offer.

There is the need for reliable channels and platforms to help entities get unlimited access to the information they need.

We at 85kobo have made these channels and platforms available to our various customers nationwide with information on how to buy a data plan in Airtel, how to buy data plan in MTN, how to buy data plan in GLO, and how to buy data plan in 9mobile.

With 85kobo you can go one better by accessing MTN data plans, Airtel data plans, 9mobile data plans, and GLO data plans. At 85kobo, we ensure that you get access to the best data plan as well as the cheapest bulk sms in Nigeria.

The internet has emerged into a global marketplace where folks from all over the world can pick the minds of others outside their proximity and in far away continents through its use.

Regardless, getting access to information on the internet is not free, and one needs some stipulated amount of what we call data bundles to access it daily, unlimitedly, or at various intervals depending on the purpose.

This is where the concept of a data bundle comes in. Data bundles are cheaper but a very convenient way to access the internet.

A data bundle gives you access to the internet so that you can access the information you require. To use the internet, one uses internet data and it is measured in bytes.

It works such that the period you stay connected doesn’t really matter. It is dependent on the number of bytes you consume while surfing the internet. The workings are similar to how we consume airtime when using our cell phones.

One might ask. How long do the data bundles on offer at 85kobo last? We’ll give you an instance, as the amount of data you consume depends on what you need the data bundle for.

It could be for just surfing the internet. It could also be for making downloads and streaming videos online. These last two options will definitely consume significantly higher amounts of data than the first option that was mentioned.

We gave various data bundle plans on offer at 85kobo. They are the MTN data plan, Airtel data plan. 9mobile data plan, and the GLO data plan.

Meanwhile, some typical data plans prevalent in the market could be 500MB for 7 days, 1GB for 10 days, or 2GB and 4GB that could be active for 14 days and 30 days respectively. There are also day and night plans where you are allowed to use a specific amount of data at some select hours in the night and day.

Before opting for the 85kobo’s best data plan in Nigeria, one must understand that these aforementioned data bundles must be exhausted by the user before the durations elapse as they become invalid.

You could exhaust the data bundle before the period elapses and go for a renewal, although in some cases you could find yourself not using up to the amount of data you bought into before the period elapses.

Even when this happens, there is no challenge as 85kobo makes it easier for you to reactivate the data bundle service through information on how to buy data on Airtel, how to buy data on 9mobile. how to buy data on GLO, and how to buy data on MTN

It is no secret that we offer cheap data bundles for the available prevalent telecommunications networks in Nigeria such as MTN, Airtel, Glo, Ntel, Etisalat, and the likes.

There are low data users and high data users. There are those who just surf the internet for basic information while there are those who do some heavy-lifting in downloading huge files and streaming videos. These high data users usually opt for the MTN 1GB data plan as well as the MTN unlimited data plan.

The good news is this; 85kobo can advise you on tailor-made and pocket-friendly plans you should go for that will suit your data needs. That’s why you should patronize us. With 85kobo, you get your data’s worth in usage and you rarely lose out on the data.

There are many reasons why you should opt for the data bundle services that 85kobo offer above others. The data bundles we have on offer for both high data users (those who would love the MTN 1GB data plan as well as the MTN unlimited data plan) and low data users are very cheap and affordable.

The data bundles we offer at 85kobo takes up to 3months before they expire. That’s how we’ve established ourselves as the providers of the best data plan in Nigeria….Just the same way as we know in delivering the best bulk sms in Nigeria

We are the best bet for high data users. The MTN IGB data plan and the MTN unlimited data plan which we make available alongside other mouth-watering packages in the Airtel data plan, GLO data plan, and 9mobile data plan have made this possible.

The MTN data plan package is no exception either. The data packages we offer can not be carried over. If you have some data left on the data bundle you purchased, you can opt for a new package and still get the data added to the existing one, thus increasing your duration for usage in the long run.

So you already know you need internet to pay for your Electiric Bill Online with us, choose the cheapest plan that suits your need and pay with your card or your wallet balance.

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