Bulk SMS As A Veritable Mobile Marketing Tool

Bulk SMS As A Veritable Mobile Marketing Tool

Bulk SMS messaging is the dissemination of a large number of text messages to mobile phone terminals for delivery.

It is normally used by financial institutions like banks, media houses, brands, politicians, and businesses that want to reach out to a large number of people at a subsidized rate.

Some of the most common uses of bulk SMS include marketing, alerts, and public sensitization for instance in the current cases of the Corona Virus pandemic.

Bulk SMS is one of the most important mobile marketing tools every business should adopt. It offers business owners amazing features including the ability to send SMS to hundreds of contacts with just a click of the button.

Why Bulk SMS?

  • It requires less investment and gives a better ROI
  • It is straightforward, anyone that can read and write can send a bulk SMS
  • SMS marketing generally induces customers’ Call for Action.’
  • Global Retailers and Merchants have already gained tangible results out of it
  • Finally, better customer loyalty automatically results in a sales boost

Usefulness Of Bulk SMS

  • Notifying your customers about updates in products or services
  • Send alerts of account transactions, stocks, changing price levels, and much more.
  • Keeping your employees informed on issues relating to adjustments in your schedules or board meetings
  • Showing care to your customers by sending them holiday greeting and automated birthday wishes

Who Can Use Bulk SMS?

Is it limited to only business owners?


Virtually anyone who can read and write and needs to send SMS to colleagues, customers, friends, or even family members can send one.

You can use the bulk messaging to notify your customers of product updates, inform your colleagues of an adjustment in your schedule, notify your church members of a program or even send your friends and family members holiday wishes.

Family and friends: Bulk SMS can be beneficial to you even if you don’t have a business. It will help in keeping in touch with your family members and friends. You can send your loved ones holiday greetings, birthday texts, or even wish them exam success.

Schools: Proprietors and proprietresses can send notices of PTA meetings and other relevant information to parents and guardians. It can also be useful in notifying students on changes in exam dates, fees, holidays, or other activities.

Religious bodies: Bulk SMS will be beneficial in informing your members of planned meetings and programs. Campus fellowships also make use of it in publicizing events such as send-forth programs and other similar events targeting students.

Businesses: Text messaging has proven over the years to be an inevitable tool for business owners. Businesses that use bulksms in their daily transactions can attest to the fact that no other tool can bring customers closer to business owners as bulk SMS.

Random messages like Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, Happy valentine’s day goes a long way to create a bond between business owners and the clients. These little gestures make your customers feel loved and as the saying goes, Your best marketers are your happy clients.

A Happy client will always come back. So if you own a business and you are yet to start using text messaging, you better start now. Sign with Bulk SMS Nigeria today to get started.


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