20 Beautiful Love SMS for your loved ones

20 Beautiful Love SMS for your loved ones

 It is always a nice feeling to receive a lovely SMS from our beloved ones. The beloved ones can be your spouse, friend, in-law, classmates, associates or business colleagues.

Our loved ones make us to smile. Love SMS can give you a charming appearance, and give you thousands of reasons to smile. Love SMS puts smiles on our face without even talking to someone; it is spontaneous- we are happy when we receive the message.

Love SMS has been one of the things that keeps many relationships going. It can make you bond well with your partner or colleague.

Below are some examples of romantic, sweet and cutest loving SMS one can give or receive from a beloved one.  Start sending any of them to your loved one right away.

  • ‘I love you so much and will always appreciate your love. I can’t wait to fondle you and kiss you on your forehead like a baby. Any little absence from you seems to me like an age. You are highly treasured, loved and appreciated at all times. I can’t live without you. Your memories give me millions of reasons to smile. You came into my life with so much happiness and fond memories.’
  • ”I am missing you; I want to hug, and never let you go. I want to tell the whole world how much I love you, and the amount of risk I am ready to take just to make you happy. Keeping you and knowing that you are always there for me, gives me indescribable joy and happiness. You deserve my love any time any day.”
  • ”I am the luckiest person God has created because I have you as a friend, a soul mate and a confidant. You are the joy of my dream. I am so happy that you will be at my side all the rest of my life.”
  • ”No matter how life seems, don’t give up. Have faith in yourself, and believe in God also. Love conquers all things except death. Whatever you are doing, always remember that someone is here for you; someone is here to love you till death do us part.”
  • ”I have always dreamt of a day I will be with my loved one; the day I will be with my one and only. I think my dream is gradually getting to fulfillment. I am happy I am reaching my goals. It is my pleasure to be your friend; I appreciate and love you so much. Trust me, I will continue to be there for you whether in good and bad times. I am ready to lay down my life for you. Yes, this will show you how much I love you.”
  • ”A day cannot exist without the night; both are closely linked with each other. Just like the day is linked with the night, the same way my love for you is strong. Love has bound us together, and we shall forever remain one.”
  • ”You can lean on my shoulder, my ears are here to listen to your stories, my hand is here to hold you tight always, my eyes is constantly fixed on you, my feet is here to walk you anywhere you wish to go, and of course, my heart belongs to you.”
  • ”I have taken so many decisions in this life. I have also taken so many risks that have overtime shaped my life. Falling in love with you is the best decision I have taken. It is something I will always remain grateful for.”
  • ”The best thing that has ever happened to my life was finding it, and then falling in love with you is the second. You deserve to be loved. My life is empty, and incomplete without you. Choosing whom to love is a choice, I am happy I made the choice to love and cherish you. Because I know very well that it is an action, I am not going to regret it.”
  • ”Someone asked me, how do I know you love me? Well, the answer is simple; you are calm whenever I am telling you my dreams, and you don’t slap, or beat me even when you are angry. You inspire me to actualize my dreams. You are there for me, hugging, kissing, and mesmerizing me with gifts at all times.”
  • ”Nothing in life is more beautiful than knowing that someone is there for you; someone never fails to kiss you in the morning with a lovely message. Someone is there to wish you a lovely night’s rest. I am highly privileged because I know I have someone who is interested in my person.”
  • ”Wow! Love is in the air; I can see it, I can feel it. It is all over you. I am very lucky because I got someone who loves me in spite of myself. Your love doesn’t have any boundaries. You have loved me from infancy, even when I was incapable of returning it back. You stood still; always making me feel loved the more. I wish you long life and prosperity.”
  • ”Love is a very beautiful thing. The best act of love is not just in loving, but also in wishing that the person returns the love in a complete fold. Love is reciprocal. It is not for nothing that we love, we love it because it is a great thing to love. It is divine to love. When we love, we are giving our partner more reasons to be human.”
  • ”Love is a great feeling; the highest feeling we can get is the feeling of love. Love is eternal, it doesn’t bear any evil, it is not deceitful, it is not arrogant, and it heals all ills of life. Love brings unquantifiable joy into our lives. Love inspires; love educates. If you are not loved or you don’t love, then you are finished, because love is the essence of life.”
  • ”I am finding it difficult to say Goodbye to you, not because we are not going to meet because I am already missing you. The little absence seems to me like an age. I wish you can come back to me here and now. I value your friendship, I treasure your love. You are a true and worthy friend. Like a bee, you attract goodwill anywhere you go. People come to you always because you have a golden heart. You are one in a million. I thank God for making you a rare gem.”
  • ”You are an inspiration, a blessing to humanity, a blessing to the Body of Christ. Having you is like having a precious stone. God took time to create special bred like you. Keep fanning your talents to flame. I am inspired whenever I reflect on how you devote your time, talent and treasure in pursuance of goodwill, love, and affection for humanity. You have dedicated a great deal of time to serve God and man. Keep it up dearly beloved.”
  • ”Good morning. I woke up this morning and was thanking God for all the precious gifts He bestowed upon me. I thought of your love and was marveled. Your love gives me enough reasons to smile, your ability to let go teaches me that one should never spend time acquiring material things, instead one should devote time to humanitarian pursuits of love, peace, caring, wisdom, and gifts-giving.”
  • ”Meeting the right person usually seem like a puzzle. It is not easy to come by, especially if the wrong ones are cute. But in my own case, I decided not to go with the wrong options, I kept searching and I am so happy that I finally made the right choice. Meeting you is an experience I will never forget as long as memory lasts. I met you when I needed someone that could be with me forever. Even when the wrong ones were coming, I refuse to go with them. Thanks for coming into my life. Do you already know where you belong? You belong to my heart forever.”
  • ”I love you so much. I really treasure the opportunity to know you. Knowing you was the first best thing that happened to me while loving you is the best thing that has ever happened to my person. You are the dream of every man. Every man wants a woman that is lovely, kind, caring and affectionate. I am happy that I found those qualities in you.”
  • ”A part of me is happy whenever I look at you. It is a feeling that we share a bond together. We are one and will always remain one, come rain, come sun. Having you around me gives me joy in the morning, solace in the afternoon, and succour at night. I will continue to love you, admire you, and appreciate you because everything about you is summarized as love. A part of me cries whenever you are sad and exceedingly happy anytime you are happy. You are sweeter than honey.”

All these sweet text messages can be sent to your loved one. It can be sent in the morning to spice their day, or at night as a way of wishing them goodnight or during the weekend to wish them a lovely time.

These love SMS applies to all seasons, whether summer, winter, autumn or spring. If you have separated from your lover or having a hard time in expressing your love with mere words, feel free to send them via text messages.

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Love SMS is one of the easiest ways to communicate with your friend. Some things are better left unsaid, so sending love SMS becomes the easiest way of expressing those emotions.  Texting is a language of the heart. When words are inadequate, and then use the texting form of expression. It is romantic to receive a cute SMS from your lover.

Also, send love SMS if you want to keep your lover glued to you. If you don’t want him or her to look elsewhere, make them to feel loved and appreciated at all times. Love can never go wrong. Love makes the world to go round.

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